Wuxi zhenhu special steel co., LTD is located in wuxi city in jiangsu province economic development zone - weir bridge, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is very convenient.

Zhen jie special steel is a collection of steel trade, warehousing, forging, distribution as one of the large-scale service company, was founded in 2014, professional for blade manufacturing enterprises to provide high quality square steel and billet.

Main products are forging car light round steel, flat steel pipe.it peel, finishing wide flat steel, hot rolled round steel, cold drawn/polished round steel, etc. We can provide annealing, tempering, are available to meet the requirements of customers polishing material (please both parties, or six surface light all around), can also according to customer requirements to provide blank forgings, etc. After the raw materials of fushun special steel electroslag remelting of rolling flat steel, round steel, baosteel, six ?